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Product # 6

Shower Filter

Shower Filter Retro Fit  - $135.00 

Replacement Filter - $70.00 

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Product # 7

MK808 Shower Filter



For low and high pressure systems. Easily adapted to most slide showers.

Shower filters contribute to a healthier lifestyle by reducing the amount of chemicals that are in contact with your skin. The MK808 Shower Filter contains a combination of 6 different media which test results show actively eliminate not only chlorine but calcium build up, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and sediment.

Price $135.00

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Product # 10

Dual Spray Swivel Aerator

The easy to install Dual Spray Swivel Aerator lets you direct the water flow where it’s needed for washing and rinsing dishes, food or your sink faster and more efficiently. Pull down for wide full force multiple steam spray and up for splash-free bubble stream. Reduces water use and boosts water pressure. Saves water, energy and money. Ideal for kitchens, reduces flow to 8 litres, dual threaded fits male and female faucets.

Price $18.95   

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Product # 11

Faucet Aerators


These faucet aerators reduce splash and save water and energy. Reduces flow to 8 litres. Dual threaded to fit male and female threaded faucets, available in bulk, individually packaged or in bulk. Available with single stream spray. All faucet aerators have Santoprene® washers with celcon internal parts.

Price $7.50   

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Product # 12

Vandal Proof Faucet Aerators

These dual shell Vandal Proof Faucet Aerators offer the same great performance found in our other water saving and energy efficient faucet aerators, but cannot be installed or more importantly removed without a special key. Reduces flow to 8 litres. The outer brass dual shell when turned will not rotate or turn the inner brass shell, making it impossible to remove or install Vandal Proof Aerators without the special key. Great for apartments, rentals, hotels, motels and publicly used faucets where tampering, theft and removal or the use of cloth washers is of concern.

Price $17.95   

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Product # 13

Basin Swivel Aerator

New eco Basin Swivel Aerator, Fits male and female basin outlets. Reduces flow to 8 litres.

Price $17.95

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Product # 14

Digi 9000 Digital Reminder Counter Top

Lets you know when filter is used up.
Base Line filter CB1-10C included

Price $195.00

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Product # 15

APP13 Standard Bench Top Water Filter

Comes complete with Base Line filter CB1-10C

Price $135.00

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Product # 16

Top of Line Compact Bench Top


Includes tap rubber connector.

Price $80 - $199

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Range of Cartridges and fittings are available to suit all installations


Product # 17

Digiflow Meter

Programme the amount of litres that filter. Counts down to 0 and sounds an alarm to tell you the filter needs changing. Can be fitted to most filter systems

Price  $85.00

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Product # 18

CB1-10C Cartridge - 1 Micron

Reduces odour, bad taste, chlorine taste and odour. Carbon block filter - other types available.

Price $45.00

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Product # 19

APP79 Undersink Water Filter Kit

Includes 3 year cartridge, tap and all fittings.

The most popular unit!

Price $220.00

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Product # 20

APP28 Budget Undersink Unit

Includes 2 year cartridge, junior tap and all fittings.

Price $135.00

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Product # 21

Boat : Caravan : Motorhome Tank Filling Kit

Comes with all fittings - filter, hose, all in a convenient box

Price $175.00

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